• Complete App

    Fully-functional frontend and backend.

  • Engaging UI

    Aesthetic UI components based on the popular AdminLTE template.

  • Robust Auth

    Login flows and Authorization utilizing roles, groups, and permissions.

  • Swagger

    Easy endpoint documentation and testing through Swagger UI.

  • Websockets

    Real-time features such as notifications and chat.

  • Social Network

    Connect with and follow other users.

  • User Content

    Shareable docs and image uploads.

  • Admin Controls

    Disable users, update permissions, and query audit logs.

  • Powerful Tech

    Vue frontend, hapi backend, MongoDB datastore.

Front End

Built with modern tech and design principles, the front end is fully responsive and provides tools such as hot-reloading and reusable components allowing you to adapt appy to your mvp needs.

Back End

The robust backend features auto-generated endpoints based on data models allowing for rapid API development. Built in swagger plugins make API testing and documentation a piece of cake.

Live Demo

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  • Users Registered
  • Messages Sent
  • Images Uploaded
  • Docs Created

Test appy for yourself! Create an account , login with a social network , or try one of the demo accounts below.

Account Description Link
User They're everywhere! Users have access to all the standard features.
Admin Taking care of business. Admins can manage user permissions and view audit logs.
Super Admin The big boss! A super admin has access to all views and actions.

You can also view the live swagger docs here.